To whom it may concern

Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information (MPPCI);

National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL); Venezuelan Television (VTV); TVES; Venevision; Globovisión; Televen; National Electoral Council (CNE).

Receive a respectful greeting from the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR), a political bloc that groups together numerous revolutionary social and political organizations from the working class, peasant, community, professional and cultural diversity of the Venezuelan popular movement, which are expressed in the card of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV).

We want to formally denounce the premeditated censorship of the candidates of our electoral proposal in the spaces allocated by the Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information for the informational dissemination of the electoral campaign of the parliamentary elections of December 6 of 2020.

This censorship is a public and notorious fact which is questioned by figures and personalities of political life, among them journalists and academics, of whom most likely they have already been able to know their expressions, since the premeditated censorship of the APR-PCV is a topic that today covers the national political arena.

We want to express our rejection of this situation that violates articles 57 and 58 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as articles 72 and 81 of the Organic Law of Electoral Processes, of which the National Electoral Council (CNE) must ensure its compliance.

The APR-PCV has simply not been allocated coverage in the state media. The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and the other national organizations that make up the APR (Corriente Uzcátegui, Corriente Pinto, Izquierda Unida, Class Struggle, Revolutionary Labor Party, MBR-200, Autonomous Network of Communards, Somos Lina, Movimiento Viviendo Venezolano, Voces Antiimperialistas, Encuentro de Luchas Populares, Asociación de Conserjes de Venezuela), along with hundreds of regional and grassroots organizations of different natures, have already seen this censorship during the times of the Punto Fijo Pact, when the bipartisan Adeco- Copeyano government’s did not grant space to leftist and revolutionary organizations to express themselves in the public media in order to publicize their electoral options.

We believed that this was in the past with the election in 1998 of Commander Hugo Chávez as President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the beginning of a process of democratization and national liberation. We regret to observe that at this time, this conquest of freedom of expression and the placing of state media at the service of the people are seriously threatened by political, institutional and bureaucratic decisions of the government.

In this sense, we have decided to mobilize to assert our constitutional and political rights and deliver this document here, at the VTV facilities, which defines itself as the channel of all Venezuelans.

We demand that the media blockade of the Popular Revolutionary Alternative, which is expressed in the electoral card of the Communist Party of Venezuela, be lifted in the public and private media. We also demand that spaces be granted on equal terms to all the other electoral formulas that are different from those that negotiated and agreed at the dialogue table; that our candidates be invited to the public debates that are being transmitted by such media, in these few days that still remain of the electoral campaign in which our option has been invisibility.
Yours sincerely:

Communist Party of Venezuela

Uzcátegui current

Pinto Current

United Left

Class Struggle

Revolutionary Labor Party


Autonomous Community Network

Somos Lina

Venezuelan Living Movement

Anti-imperialist voices

Meeting of Popular Struggles

Concierge Association of Venezuela


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