[Eng] Mensaje del Partido de los Trabajadores de Irlanda al PCV


Central Committee

Partido Comunista de Venezuela


Dear Comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to the Communist Party of Venezuela on the occasion of the 90thAnniversaryof the foundation of your Party.

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) has a long and proud history of struggle, having been outlawed under various military dictatorships and forced to operate in clandestine conditions and subject to anti-communist laws. The PCV and the Communist Youth of Venezuela have on many occasions in their history been subjected to criminal attacks,assault, the murder of Party members and physical assaults on party premises. Throughout these many obstacles the PCV has prevailed.

Founded on 5thMarch 1931,as the political party of the working class, the PCV became the Venezuelan affiliate of the Communist International.

The 90thAnniversary is taking place against a backdrop of imperialist aggression and in circumstances where there is an attempt to shift the burden of the capitalist crisis onto the working class. Faced with external threats from the EU, the US and its regional proxies, the PCV stood firm against the imperialist designs to destabilise Venezuela and against all attempts to over throw the Bolivarian government by forces in favour of capital and capitalist exploitation which were determined to reverse progressive positions adopted in the interests of the Venezuelan working class.

President Hugo Chavez was brought to power by a mass movement of the working class and the poor who had for generations been exploited, excluded and disenfranchised by the political and economic ruling class of Venezuela.The PCV was a vital part of this movement.The lives of ordinary Venezuelans were immensely improved by the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution.When the Bolivarian government faced relentless hostility, coup d’état,threats of intervention, sanctions and economic war to den the independence,sovereignty and rights of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people,the PCV was in the forefront of the resistance

Venezuela remains in the front line of resistance to US imperialism. The principled positions of the PCV and its stead fastness can never be in doubt. The PCV has also stood firminits commitment to its socialist principles. It correctly exposes the attacks on workers’ salaries, pensions and social provision.It consistently rejects policies and positions which serve the interests of capital and threaten the interests of the working class.This is entirely consistent with the principles and duties of a Marxist-Leninist Party. The WPI congratulates the PCV on its efforts to build the Popular Revolutionary Alternative(APR) which was created to defend the working people against imperialist attacks and the shortcomings of reformism and social democracy. We applaud the victory of the PCV candidate in the elections to the National Assembly. We deplore any attempts to vilify the PCV or to limit its freedom.

The PCVremains a consistent defender of the interests of the Venezuelan working class, armed with a clearanalysis which recognises the inadequacy of “solutions” which fail to understand the necessity for a revolutionary policy to which the working-class is central andthat socialism cannot be built within a capitalist economy and that a fundamental change inthe mode of production is required for the social achievements of workers to be guaranteed.

The WPI applauds the principled positions advanced by the PCV, in providing a clear class-based alternative to the failed capitalist system, in its steadfast opposition to imperialism and imperialist intervention, its commitment to the building of a powerful revolutionary movement involving workers, small farmers and popular forces,confronting the reactionary and pro-imperialist forces and to building a socialist society in Venezuela.

The Workers Party of Ireland standswithour brave comrades in the Communist Party of Venezuelaand sends its best wishes and solidarityon the occasion of your 90thAnniversary. We wish you success in your workwhich takes place under difficult circumstances. We are convinced that the CommunistParty of Venezuela, schooled in the conditions of struggleand armed with the ideological weapon of Marxism-Leninism,will prevail.

Gerry Grainger

International Secretary

Workers Party of Ireland

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