Government tries to discredit the PCV and its leadership through false positives

Caracas, 05-09-2022 (TP) – Yul Jabour, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) warned this Monday of an operation of «false positives» to discredit the organization in order to judicially intervene the Communist Party and remove its current political leadership.

During a press conference, Jabour recalled that recently, during his weekly program, the vice-president of the Psuv, Diosdado Cabello, pointed out that the PCV had been assigned some vehicles and demanded that they be returned.

«Those vehicles that were given to the Communist Party of Venezuela in the context of the 2015 electoral campaign and that were used to carry out political work, are available to be handed over to Diosdado Cabello who was the one who personally assigned them,» Jabour said.

«We are a Party that has been characterized by the consistent struggle for workers’ rights. In that struggle we, the Venezuelan communists, have never mortgaged our politics to any government. This Party has never been financed nor has it received money for its functioning, nor for its physical structure. We have been consistent: this is an incorruptible party», he added.

The leader of the PCV explained that they are trying to position an opinion matrix that points out that the PCV has received resources in an irregular manner.

«Reference has been made to the former president of PDVSA, Rafael Ramírez. All of this is false and without any basis whatsoever. This has no basis; it has no basis in fact», he affirmed.

Jabour emphasized that these maneuvers are aimed at displacing the leadership «that has been consistent with its principles and with the line established by the Party through all the mechanisms of debate, discussion and decision making».

«We want to point out that in the face of the defense of the rights of the workers; that in the face of the policy we have assumed in the National Assembly with our deputy, comrade Oscar Figuera, who has been the only dissident and opposing voice to the surrender and reprivatization policies, they seek to neutralize the Communist Party,» the leader stressed.

Jabour: If the ONAPRE instructions do not exist, who kept the workers’ money?

A few days ago, the Political Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) fined the claimants of one of the appeals for annulment against the salary instructions of the National Budget Office (ONAPRE); a decision that complements the first one that declared allegedly «non-existent» this document that has lowered salaries and bonuses since March of this year.

«If the ONAPRE instructive does not exist, who kept the money of the workers of the country», Jabour asked during the press conference, to then warn that the TSJ ruling that fines the claimants «sets a very bad precedent for the administration of justice and the State of Law».

In this context, the Communist Party of Venezuela adheres to the call made by Espacio Sindical Unitario for this Tuesday, September 6, in front of the Public Ministry to demand the repeal of the ONAPRE instructions and the release of the workers imprisoned for fighting.

Hate campaigns in Argentina and Venezuela

The PCV also expressed its solidarity with the Vice President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez before the frustrated assassination attempt executed last Thursday, September 01.

«This assassination attempt is the product of a hate campaign promoted by the most reactionary sectors and echoed by the media», affirmed Jabour who warned about similar strategies in Venezuela.

«There is a hate campaign against the PCV and the government is obliged to guarantee the security of the PCV, of its installations, of its leaders and militants», he affirmed.

«From the PCV we point out to the Government, to President Nicolás Maduro and to the leadership of the PSUV that the Communist Party of Venezuela will not kneel in front of capital nor in front of the bourgeoisie,» stressed the member of the Political Bureau.

Jabour stressed that despite this scenario of aggressions «the Communist Party of Venezuela will continue defending the right of the workers and that it will continue fighting for Socialism».

«These are the principles that we have defended in these 91 years and that we will continue to defend consistently with our lives. This is a party that has never knelt before the aggressions of imperialism or the bourgeoisie; nor will it kneel. We are sure and we know what is the wood and the lineage from which the Venezuelan communists are formed», he concluded.

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