PCV demands urgent approval of a wage indexation law in view of the deterioration of living conditions

Caracas 19-09-2022 – The Communist Party of Venezuela made a call this Monday to the National Government, particularly to the National Assembly, for the urgent approval of a law for the indexation of salaries and pensions to the basic basket of goods and services.

The declaration was given by the president of the PCV, Perfecto Abreu Nieves, during a press conference in which he explained that this is the best answer that can be given to «the high levels of inflation; to face the permanent devaluation of the Bolivar and the precarization of the living conditions of the people».

«We call on the workers of the Public Administration and the private sector, also to the community movement to join our efforts and struggles to conquer this law», said the member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the PCV.

Abreu Nieves ratified the solidarity of the PCV with the organizations that mobilized last Thursday, September 15, to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to demand a favorable response from the Judiciary on the appeal for the repeal of the National Budget Office (ONAPRE) instructions.

«The TSJ has to establish the responsibilities of those who applied this instruction; the concrete fact is that thousands of workers of the Public Administration were aggrieved and their contractual rights were violated», he added.

The leader also urged the workers of the National Public Administration to «strongly oppose the fractioned payment of the Christmas bonus».

«It is more difficult to administer a fragmented Christmas bonus -precarious in itself because of the level of wages- to solve the enormous problems that each worker has at home», explained Abreu Nieves after urging the popular movement to «surround with solidarity these just struggles for the conquests achieved in difficult conditions and long struggles against the employers».

Health system in crisis

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the PCV also expressed its concern for «the serious situation faced by the health system».

«Its facilities are in precarious conditions; there are no auxiliary personnel in charge of cleaning; there is no water and no supplies,» Abreu Nieves described.

The PCV called on the workers and popular movement to develop initiatives of struggle for the rescue of the Venezuelan health system and made a call to the Executive to take measures to provide effective medical attention to the people.

Regional Conferences of the PCV begin

Abreu Nieves informed that the processes of Cell and Local Conferences in view of the 16th National Congress of the PCV have already concluded.

«We have discussed the updating of the Political Line and the Program, as well as we have analyzed the situation of each locality and sectors where our cells are located. These contributions will be elevated to the National Congress», he indicated.

«We are marching with firm steps towards the Regional Conferences which begin today and culminate next October 10», he added.

75th anniversary of the JCV

«Last Friday, September 16, our glorious Communist Youth turned 75 years in combat and from its first day in the streets it was baptized by the repression of the government in power,» Abreu Nieves recalled.

«Since then, the Communist Youth has played a heroic role in the struggle for Socialism, for democratic freedoms and for the triumph of communism in Venezuela,» he added.

«We call on the Venezuelan youth to join the ranks of the JCV; the only guarantee they have to give contributions to the struggle for a better life,» he concluded.

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