Dozens of communist parties condemn plan to intervene in the PCV

TRIBUNA POPULAR- More than 40 communist and workers’ parties around the world have repudiated «the public and malicious intention of Mr. Diosdado Cabello, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), to promote and execute a plan aimed at assaulting the Party Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and usurp its initials and legal-electoral personality”.

 In a statement released in recent days, various parties that are members of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP) described as «unacceptable» the maneuver of using individuals who are not part of the PCV, in order to present them as alleged «party bases” to create the illusion that there is some kind of organic division within the Red Rooster awning.  “We strongly reject this vile maneuver, as well as the systematic attacks by this PSUV leader, in which he repeatedly accuses the PCV of serving the interests of US imperialism, with the clear objective of criminalizing the struggles of the communists in Venezuela” adds the statement.

 The signatory revolutionary organizations warned that the «crude actions» of the PSUV leadership «are a dangerous escalation of the anti-communist practices, persecution, repression and violation of the democratic freedoms and political rights of the PCV.»  They also recalled that the communist and workers’ parties of the world have been «consistent in defending Venezuela against imperialist aggression and illegal unilateral coercive measures,» but that they will likewise be firm «in the actions to denounce the anti-communist aggressions against the PCV and the attempts to prevent the exercise of its independent political action, as a party of the working class».

 The communiqué urged the Government of Venezuela and the leadership of the PSUV «to immediately cease the attacks against the PCV,» and demanded respect «for the decision and will expressed by the organizations and militancy of the PCV in its 16th National Congress , held last November.  «The policy of the PCV is decided by its militants and organizations according to their internal statutes, and not the interests of the governments in power.  We demand that the independence of the PCV and its democratic right to autonomously decide its policy be respected,» the Solidnet member parties concluded.

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