[ENG] Partido Comunista de Filipinas: Saludamos la larga trayectoria de lucha del PCV por las libertades democráticas


Dear comrades:

Through you, the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends warmest greetings and congratulations to all office-bearers, members and supporters of the Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) which will mark the 90 th anniversary of its foundation this coming March 5, 2021.

The PCV has travelled an arduous path of struggle in defending and advancing the interests of the Venezuelan working peoples since the first grassroots organizations of the PCV were constituted in March 1931. From its illegal existence and clandestine activities at its founding, the PCV has grown into the only strident and strong proponent of scientific socialism in Venezuela.

Repressed by military dictatorships which functioned as zealous guardians of US and
British oil companies, the PCV suffered so much before winning advances and victories for the Venezuelan working peoples. We hail the PCV’s long history of fighting for democratic freedoms, being constantly present in all the major episodes of popular struggles in Venezuela, and maintaining leadership of the struggles of the Venezuelan working peoples for the construction of a socialist homeland. We salute the PCV’s firm condemnation of imperialist aggression against Venezuela, and of the numerous US-instigated coup attempts to overthrow the duly-elected president, Nicolas Maduro.

At the same time, based on the principles of proletarian internationalism, we support the PCV’s position of distancing itself from the ruling PSUV party’s growing collaboration with the local capitalists that exploit the people and trample on their rights. In this complex period of the political struggle in Venezuela, we stand with the PCV’s struggles against the PSUV’s campaign of slander, anti-popular management of the capitalist crisis, and threats of anti-communist persecution and anti-working-class repression.

We wish every success to the PCV’s continued activities as a political instrument of the Venezuelan working class for the struggle against the bourgeoisie, the seizure of political power and the construction of a socialist society.

With communist greetings,

General Secretary

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